Some people might experience headacheinsomnialight-headedness temporarily.  These effects could last from 2-7 days and will subside thereafter.  Ensure that you remain hydrated at all times during the first 3 days and EAT 6 SMALL MEALS WHILE TAKING THE CAPSULES ESPECIALLY WHEN BEGINNING WITH THE PROGRAMME. If these effects continuously occur please discontinue use and if needed consult your medical practitioner.


Take 1 capsule before breakfast with a full glass of water preferably as early as possible in the morning to prevent sleeplessness in the evening.

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

Example: Oats with some fruit or 2 eggs with whole wheat toast and yogurt - low in sugar.

After taking it - you will be thirsty all day so drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day.  Keep a bottle by your side all the time to ensure sufficient water intake. Remember to eat even if you do not feel hungry, 6 x small, healthy meals per day. Try not to eat after 6pm, only healthy snacks.  If you work out, keep a water bottle next to you, and eat 1 or 2 hours before a workout. Eat fibre rich food and fruit to keep you regular. Some may experience constipation.

Limit caffeine and alcohol intake whilst using.


Neither Successful Slimming not its agents will in no way be held liable for any side effects, damage, illness or any other effects due to the use of slimming capsules. It is highly recommended that a medical practitioner be consulted before taking the slimming capsules.