4S Double Power Check List

Dear client prior to you purchasing our product, please take note of the following:


Please note that because the 4s Double Power is double the dosage of the normal strength, the body will go through a very intense detox.   You might experience the following side effects in the 1st week or you might be completely fine. It is important that you understand what’s happening and not assume that the pill is making you ill.


Side effects may include :









Insomnia  (Take the pill at 5am if you experience this)






Diarrhoea or constipation


Side Effects could last 2 – 7 days and thereafter subside.


Drinking 2 – 3 Litres of water per a day is a must for the pill to work and to flush the toxins out of your body


If you have any health complications, please do not use the 4s pill.


You may use this pill only if you have previously used the normal strength pill.


You may use the pill if you have more than 30Kgs to lose.


Would you like to purchase 2 pills at R60, plus shipping, to test the pill, prior to purchasing an entire box ?

Thank you for your understanding.  We are happy to support you through your weight loss journey.


Neither Successful Slimming not its agents will in no way be held liable for any side effects, damage, illness or any other effects due to the use of slimming capsules. It is highly recommended that a medical practitioner be consulted before taking the slimming capsules.